Wednesday, 21 November 2012

[GUIDE][ANDROID]Using SWAP to increase RAM and Play HD games without Lag.

Swaping  is used for "extending memory(RAM)" on Android Device.
(Used to run HD games without Lag)
Root("HOW TO ROOT" google it) 
SD/SDHC card
Kernel with swap support(Almost all Custom Kernel support swap)
Warning:  It can (and will) shorten SD card lifespan.

1.Downlod Swapper 2 from  Link: Swapper2
2.Install Swapper2.
3.There are two ways to swap: A) swap by creating partition B)  Without creating partition
Those who are on Stock kernel use methode B.
A) Swap by creating partition:(IMPORTANT: Your SD card will be formated so better keep the backup of data on SD card)                                                                                                Using MiniTool Partition Wizard Link:MiniTool Partition Wizard
  • Plug in you MicroSD HC Card to your computer using the card adapter. (Do not use USB Mount on Phone)
  • Open MiniTool Partition Wizard and look for the card
  • Right Click on it and select Delete Partition
  • Click on Apply to Delete the Partition
  • Right Click on it again and select Create Partition
Set the partitions as follows:
1st partition:
Label: Android-SD
Create as: Primary
File System: Fat32
Partition size: (Total size of your SD card(-)size of 2nd and 3rd partition)
2nd partition:(Optional, if not needed dont do)
Label: Android-EXT2 (2nd partition is for EXT which you can use for A2SD or Link2SD)
Create as: Primary
File System: EXT2 (or choose EXT4 if your ROM supports EXT4, if not sure go for EXT2)
Partition size:  MIN: 256 MB to MAX: 1024MB (1GB)
3rd partition:
Label: (do not put anything)
Create as: Primary
File System: Linux Swap
Partition size: 256MB 
  • After creating partitions, click Apply to apply changes.                                              Now open Swapper2
    Go to Menu>Settings 
      Swapper preferences:
  • Tick Run swapper at startup 
  • Tick Use swap partition
  • Swap partition: /dev/block/mmcblk1p2
  • Swap size: MIN: 10 MB MAX: 256MB RECOMMENDED: 32MB (choose any)
  • Swapiness: RECOMMENDED: 10MB SYSTEM DEFAULT: 60MB MAX: 100MB (choose any)
  • Tick Safe unmount 
  • Tick Safe remount 

 B) Without creating partition:
           Open Swapper2 and go to Menu > Settings 
           Swapper preferences: 
  • Tick Run swapper at startup.
  • Swap place: /sd card/swapfile.swp (you can place it anywhere)(IMPORTNT: Dont put it on internal storage)
  • Swap size: MIN: 10 MB MAX: 256MB RECOMMENDED: 32MB (choose any)
  • Swapiness: RECOMMENDED: 10MB SYSTEM DEFAULT: 60MB MAX: 100MB (choose any)
  • Tick Safe unmount
  • Tick Safe remount 
After setting preferences, press back and tap on "ON" to turn on swap. Reboot afterwards
To check if your phone is using swap:
Go to the Android terminal emulator - and type 'free' press enter  (Download free  from Play Store)
You will see some values in Swap.(If all zeros means something went wrong)

You need to turn off swap before you mount SD via USB, if you don't you will not be able to mount sd as swapfile is active and set to read only which will deny request to mount USB Storage.

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  1. i used b method.....

    all r ok..{terminal emulator ok }

    but how much it increases ram mem ??

    1. type free in terminal emulator,
      see the row of swap
      the first no. is the max swap mem.

  2. i tried but its showng function not implemented
    can u help me pls
    thanks in advance

  3. can you plz suggest an Option to Increase Ram on my Xperia U, it doesnot have Ex Memory, can we use its Internal Memory to Increase Ram.. ? Plz Respond..

  4. I cant open my SGP after i used it. How can i fix this?

  5. My sd card is not detecting hw can I get back des

  6. Thanks very much, its really help me
    my phone has no lag anymore :D